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Visual experiences speak louder than words. At Kinitros, we believe that video is the ideal medium to tell your story. Whether you’re sharing your brand values, your company’s origin or mission or just social videos or recipe videos; video connects your audience with your story, and offers an immersive experience, unlike any other media. Visit our Vimeo channel to see our client's work. Our capabilities include:


  • Director and Producer

  • Concept creation

  • Adaptation: Script & Storyboards

  • Talent & Casting

  • Prep: Art and Props

  • Food Stylist and Chef (if needed)

  • Makeup and Wardrobe

  • Shooting Crew

  • Securing locations and permits



  • Supervision and coordination

  • Travel and lodging (if needed)

  • Drone and advance shooting

  • Whiteboards speed draw



  • Offline/Online

  • Color correction

  • Graphics (Titles/Transitions and Credits)

  • RAW cut editing

  • Prep/Offline/Finishing

  • 2D-3D animation and motion graphics

  • Audio design, mix+sweetening

  • Music (stock music and original music)

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